• Melts to -5 degrees F

• Blue Color for Ease of Application

• Works Faster, Lasts Longer than Standard Rock Salt


Rapid Melt is an economical and performance based ice melter that is effective to -5 degrees Fahrenheit.  Rapid Melt starts working on contact and is dyed blue, making application a breeze.  Works faster and longer than standard rock salt and can be used on steps, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.



Spread at the rate of about 1/4 cup per sq. yd.  Leaves no messy white residue to coat sidewalks or to be tracked into buildings.  Remove the slush immediately to prevent penetration of porous areas and cracks in the concrete, as continual thawing and freezing action can cause damage to poor quality concrete.  Will not harm carpet or floors.


50# Bag  265-1514 SDS


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